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Hi! I'm Audrey Hutchinson, CEO and Founder of SweetPeach. I started this company to give women an alternative and effective option that enhances and maintains optimal vaginal health, rather than leaving us to deal with the expensive and wildly uncomfortable consequences of vaginal infections.


SweetPeach will send women a kit that allows them to take a self-collected vaginal swab and send it back to us. This is then genetically sequenced and analysed to identify the specific microbial species that make up her community of beneficial bacteria. With this data we can design a vaginal probiotic that complements and enhances her community already hard at work.  

SweetPeach is a women’s health company that embraces the idea that every woman is unique, and recognizes that healthy means something a little bit different to everybody.


Why are SweetPeach Probiotics smarter?

There are a bunch of different species of benefical microbes found in vaginas. The particular species in one woman’s community can be quite varied from another woman's, and this makeup even varies over the course of her own life. This variation is incredibly significant in understanding what “healthy” means to any woman at any given point. 

Rather than hoping that any generic vaginal probiotic will align with your vaginal microbiota, we can provide you with a vaginal probiotic that you can trust to work because it was designed for you  


Why should you contribute to SweetPeach?

SweetPeach believes women should have access to affordable and effective means of enhancing and maintaining their vaginal health, and there's nothing like us on the current market. SweetPeach's number one priority is women and we constantly seek to put the wealth of research and and information pertaining to the vaginal microbiome into practical application; this means SweetPeach will always be fine-tuning and ameliorating our product as science progresses, because that's how it should be.

Your contributions will go toward the very careful product design and research costs, initial manufacturing costs, genomic services, and team development.







Your Sweet Peach is as unique as you are, it's time we treat her right.





Help us bring new solutions to women everywhere by contributing $10.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it true you think vaginas should smell like peaches?

    No, vaginas should smell like vaginas. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn't deserve to be anywhere near your vagina, or any vagina for that matter.

  • What is the vaginal microbiome?

    The vaginal microbiota is a community of beneficial bacteria that lives in the vagina and serves as one of the strongest defenses against pathogenic bacteria that can colonize and cause infection. Different communities of vaginal bacteria live in a mutualistic relationship with the host, your lady bits, in which they survive and proliferate on nutrients from walls of the vagina. In return, these bacteria help prevent the colonization of infectious bacteria by producing compounds, such as lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, that are lethal to the infectious bacteria.

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